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Tuk Tuk Services

Transportation options for touring:

By getting around the temples, you have a few options. You can ride on the back of a motorbike or hire either a Tuk Tuk or car with driver for your convenience and the group.

However, Tuk Tuk is still the best combination for your local transportation when visiting the Temples. But if you go out of the town then you can consider a car instead. However, Tuk Tuk is still a good option for all places you wish to visit.

At Holy Angkor Hotel also offers best Tuk Tuk Service for all guests. it is not just being served for our in-house guests only, but it is also serviced for guests from outside hotel too.

Our goal aims to provide you the best experiences and bring back home with a very sweet memories as your road guide. Our Tuk Tuk Drivers are all very experienced, well trained, and totally trustworthy drivers and personable fellows.

The basic day rate begins at only $15 for many of the most popular touring routes including the small circuit, and the grand circuit, the Rolous Group, the silk farm or a day around the sights within Siem Reap.

The rates quoted here are pretty standard. Some hotels may ask a bit more and some backpacker places perhaps a bit less. But, please note, when hiring a driver through your selected hotel, the driver generally loses a portion of his modest earnings as commission. You either can complaint them directly at any time or to the hotel once you find him any mistake or fraud purposes.

There are 4 days tour programs to be recommended to you for your information and pre-arrangement for your wonderful trip to Angkor Wat.

1. Day First (USD 15.00 net per day)

Morning (Start from 08:00AM)

- South Gate Bayon
- Angkor Thom Area
- Takeo Temple
- Ta Prom Temple
- Angkor Wat Temple
- Dinner at the city

2. Day Two (USD 18.00 net per day)

Morning (Start from 08:00AM)

- Preah Khan Temple
- Neak Pean Temple
- Mebon Temple
- Preroub Temple
- Sun set at Bakeng Mountain

3. Day Three (USD 40.00 net per day)

Morning (Start from 07:00AM)

- Boeng Melea Temple (75Km from the city)
- Rolouse Group (16km from the city)
- Lo Lei Temple
- Preah Ko Temple
- Bakong Temple

4. Day Four (USD 35.00 net per day)

Morning (Start from 07:00AM)

- Kbal Spean Temple (50Km from the city)
- Bonteay Srey Temple (37km from the city)
- Banteay Samre Temple (15Km from the city)
- Additional: Tonle Sap Lake at US$ 5.00 net (12Km from the city)


Lists of all Drivers at Asanak D’Angkor Boutique Hotel:

- Mr. Noun sarorn, Mob: 088 96 29 157 , 096 81 78 063, Email: nounsarorn66@gmail.com
- Mr. Kim Seng: wechat ID semseng069630569,
- Mob: +855 12214559 , 85569630569, E: semseng57@gmail.com
- Mr. Phally: Mob: 85592 175478, 85588 6070 837, E: pichdara@gmail.com
- Mr. Nap Chorm, Mob: 088 4161 807, Email: napchorm@yahoo.com

Tuk Tuk Services
Tuk Tuk Services
Tuk Tuk Services
Tuk Tuk Services
Tuk Tuk Services
Tuk Tuk Services